• Aissata Diallo

What Have I Been Up To?— An Update

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I had an epiphany—as I’m going through my finances I see a charge that I didn’t almost recognize: my yearly site fee. That’s when it hit me... Here I am paying hundreds of dollars on a site that I haven’t used after one original blog post (way back in April). The idea of me creating this website was to share with you all a part of me—a part of my life—and connect with all who support me and my journey. In the beginning, I repeatedly told myself "I was busy"... especially with my last semester of grad school. I told myself I had more pressing matters than writing blog posts. Then, I graduated and had nothing but time; yet I still fell short. Crazy enough, I have so many drafts in my notes but time and time again I always make excuses—vulnerability is still scary to me. This stops now. #NoExcuses .

A lot has happened since my last blog post. As such, I wanted to take this time to not only apologize but also fill you guys in on what’s been going on in my life: career-wise, education-wise, modeling-wise, and personal-wise. This would just be a quick life update. I won’t go into full details on this post because I do believe some of these experiences deserve their own posts #staytuned 🤫


Let’s get into it!!

  1. Few weeks after my first blog post, I got a seat at a table and became a Victoria’s Secret ambassador. Almost a year now and I kid you not, my entire closet is VS.

  2. I turned 25 (again) ♉️ and 9 days later, I graduated with my Master of Science in Health Administration (Yay! It’s been a long 2 years).

  3. Shortly after graduation, I went on a reality tv show (girlllll, I know! 7 months later I still can’t believe it). Side note: they're currently casting for season 2! #LoveIsland .

  4. I became the first face of Anastasia Beverly Hills’s new foundation launch, which was (& still is) in both Ulta stores and Sephora stores (take a snap and tag me when you spot me & I will be sure to repost 🥰) #ABHface .

  5. I Got signed to my second modeling agency!

  6. Starred in Brent Faiyaz ‘s trust video. Also started being spotted on the final season of Netflix’s “Orange is the new black”. Let me tell you now, all I did was walk past piper, that’s it, that was the role.

  7. I went on my first paid travel campaign with Tap Air Portugal to promote their #stopover program. I spent a week in Spain and Portugal

  8. Attended a lot of cool #NYFW events with my love island squad. Also had a fun reunion where tea was not spilled haha

  9. I am scared of heights, yet challenged myself to go on an open door helicopter ride. It was quite fun actually but I won’t do it again. Same as when I went skydiving, it was cool and I was able to check it off my bucket list but I'll never do it again!

  10. Started working with Revolve — I had been eyeing them for a while. Attended a revolve party for Superdown’s Draya’s Launch (next up: get invited to a revolve trip? )

  11. Became a #Covergirl. Well, sort of, not really, haha. I just worked with them for social media campaigns, not the real real deal where you’d see me in stores. Still cool tho, because I’ve always wanted to say “easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl” & I did!

  12. Y’all called me Barbie so much that forever 21 reached out to me for their #foreverbarbie launch (a fashion collab between f21 x Barbie)! #ImABarbieGirl 🧚🏾‍♀️

  13. I didn’t share this with my social media yet, so beside my friends you guys are the first to know that I am #DarkandLovely . Yes, the iconic brand we all grew up with. I was featured on their new “Fade Resist” box. Just so y’all know, Beyonce graced this  box. BE-YON-CE ! Ok I’m done, goodbye don’t talk to me. El.oh.el. Kidding!!

But no seriously, sometimes you really don’t realize how much you’ve done/achieved in such a short period of time until you really sit down and reflect. Everyday I am grateful. Grateful for being alive, grateful for all the love and support. So grateful, for all these blessings. Besides the above 13 life updates, I’ve worked with so many other brands & built so many relationships which is so important in this industry. I am so happy that I am finally working with restaurants and hotels—as you all know food and travel are my FAVORITE hobbies. All in all, God has been nothing but amazing to me, & I pray that I continue to live in his light! Nothing/no one can touch me with God on my side. & that’s on what?—PERIOD!