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Tips on Pitching to Brands

Updated: May 1, 2020

For the past years, I have been fortunate enough to build great relationships with some of my favorite brands out there. From Victoria Secret to Forever 21 to Revolve, and more. 

But trust me when I tell you this didn’t happen overnight. 

It took years of building my social media presence first. In today’s blog, I am sharing tips on how to pitch yourself when working with brands. 

Now before you think about what you can get from brand deals, think of what you can bring to the table. Like why would they want to work with you? What are you giving them in return? Why you, out of the many digital content creators out there? These are questions you should answer before reaching out because you want to make sure you are a great fit for each other and that you are not only working with them because it’s a known brand.

Now before you start reaching out, you want to build your social media presence first. 

This is so so crucial because brands want to see that by working with you, they are making a profit, not losing. So you have to establish yourself and build your community. 

This does not mean you have to have 10k followers, although that’s great. But you do not need to wait until you hit 10k to start reaching out. What you need is a community of people that engages with your content.

You need to be able to show brands your engagements (likes, comments, shares...). If you are just starting out, I would advise you to focus on this first. It’s better to have 2k followers that engage with your content than 10k with 20 likes. Think about it. 

If your goal is to start working with brands more, start delivering high quality content with your current followers (let me know in the comments if you want me to write about building your social media presence on a separate blog post!).

Once you have your supportive and engaging community with you, start pitching yourself to brands.

It may not be so obvious because I know a lot of people wait for brands to reach out to them. 

I am not going to lie, I also used to be one of them. Then I realized closed mouths don’t get fed, as cliche as that might be. So don’t wait on brands. If there is a brand that you genuinely love and they align with you and your values, do not hesitate to reach out. Find their PR contact information and pitch yourself. 

In pitching yourself make sure you get straight to the point.

Brands get a lot of pitch emails on a daily basis. So not only do you have to make yours stand out, you also have to be clear and concise. Always attach your social media stats (reach, impressions, followers, engagement rate etc..), basically a media kit. This will show them that you are ready and on point. No one likes wasting time. 

Tell them what your brand/blog is about. Example: for me, my brand is all about lifestyle. This goes from beauty, fashion, travel, food, etc.

Tell them why you feel like you are a great fit for them. Tell them whether or not you have their “target” audience. Also what they’ll get out of a collaboration with you. This is why it’s important to include those stats because they will be able to see the number of people you are exposing them to. 

Instead of telling them how many followers you have and how many likes you get, send them your instagram analytics to show your engagement. 

Remember, brands mostly care about what is in it for them. It’s just what it is. They are a business after all. So you want them to know that they will be benefiting as well by working with you. It’s a win-win situation. So don’t focus on what you will get out of it; tell them what is in it for them.

In the pitch, be specific on the type of content you’ll create for them. If it’s an IG post, make it clear. If IG stories are included, add it. If it’s a YouTube video, same thing and add the length of the video. The point is, both of you should be clear on the exchanges. 

In regards to exchanges, tell them what you want in return

For instance, usually if I’m pitching to a hotel after I tell them what they’ll get from me, I then ask them what I want from them. Ex: 3 nights stay, F&B credits, access to their facilities, etc. Relatively if I’m pitching a beauty brand then I’d usually inquire if they have an influencer program or just tell them I’m interested in doing sponsored posts with them. 

If you have a rate, tell them. If you want free products, make that clear. Again, the more straightforward you are, the more back and forth emails you are avoiding. 

Finish your email by thanking them for their time

Tell them how you’re looking forward to hearing from them and a possibility of working together. If you hear back a positive response, make sure you respond on time and make sure it is on point. This will help them remember you when new opportunities rise. So always give your best.

The same thing goes for gifting opportunities as well—even if you’re only getting a product in exchange, meaning you will not get paid, you still have to treat that collaboration as if it’s paid. Always put your best foot forward no matter what. You don’t want to burn bridges at all. Relationships are key in this industry! 

Moreover, when the campaign is done, make sure you email them with post insights (views/engagements, etc) and thank them, again, for the opportunity! Great way to build those lasting relationships! 

If you receive a negative response, it’s nothing but a negative response. There are a lot of factors that can cause this. Maybe they don’t think you are a right fit, maybe they are just not working with any new influencers… so keep reaching out until you hear a YES.

Most of the time, you only need one YES! 

I know it can be very nerve wracking, especially if you are just starting out but you got this! Always remember that being yourself is what makes you unique. Be you and prepare! Don’t take no for an answer. 

Let me know in the comments below if you are planning on pitching to any brand/brands!

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