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10 Things You Did Not Know About Me

Marhabaannn fam!! (I’m trying to learn Arabic ).

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In my last two posts, I’ve been giving social media tips—which you can check out here and here. As such, I wanted to get personal (kind of) on this one because I want you all to get to know me a little better. Thus, I’ll be listing 10 things that you probably didn’t know about me.

There's a twist—instead of making my own list, I’ve asked some of my friends to tell me things about myself that others who I’m not close with/or people who only know me off of social media wouldn’t know. Okayyyy! so grab your teacup & let's get into it! 

These were the results, and I quote:

1- “You were not born here, you came to the US when you were 12.” 

Facts, assimilating to a new culture + new language (English= my 4th learned language) was not easy at all but look at me now! Lol, I’m not American enough for my American friends, and not African enough for my African friends (yikes) 😂The struggle is real!

2- “You know how to play the violin”. 

Yup, I picked up the violin + dance when I started high school. I kept playing the violin in college (on my own) but then eventually stopped. But it’s like riding a bike, I can pick it up where I left off.

3- “You are short.”

I would actually beg to differ. According to google, the average height of a woman is 5’4”... guess who is 5’4”? That’s right, me! So I’m not short, I’m average. However I do know that people usually assume I’m tall based on pictures, but I’m not 🥴.

4- “You’re actually really really shy! Unless you say it, someone would never guess that."

THIS!!! I hate when people try to argue with me when I tell them that. Just because I have all these followers and I’m confident in front of the camera, does not negate the fact that I’m shy. My legs start shaking, & my voice changes (heavy accent comes on) when I’m in front of a crowd. 

5- “You’re not materialistic at all! Literally one of my favorite things of MANY that I love about you because I’m the same way too. But if you look on your social media, one can assume that you are materialistic.”

I mean, a little Gucci or Chanel bag ain't never hurt nobody (LOL). 100% kidding tho—It’s the truth, the little things matter the most to me. Thoughtfulness > Materialism. That's just me.

6- “You’re a genius! Always been an “A” student and a teacher’s pet. Odee book-smart... we stan an intellectual queen!”

OKURRRR! Let 👏🏽 them 👏🏽 know 👏🏽. I graduated college in 3 years with honors at the age of 19. Before you ask how that was possible: I was already a year ahead before college, and while in college I studied abroad 3x (Italy for a month, Brazil for a month, DR for 2 weeks). 

I also took summer/winter classes because I didn’t like the idea of taking a break from learning (I’m a nerd, I know). All those credits added up & allowed me to graduate a year early. I got my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology + my Master of Science in Health Administration. 

7- “You can cook well; and you love to eat (you post about it sometimes but still, they don't know how much you love it).”

Don’t let my size fool you! I might be tiny but I eat sooooo much— I am a foodie, I LOVE food. I’m also not a picky eater; I love trying new things... and I have a fast metabolism, so that’s a plus.

Thankfully, I’m also able to cook 👩🏽‍🍳. Chef Aïss with the pot boiiiii 🎶 . One thing I’m really looking forward to is buying a big house and hosting dinners for my friends and family 🥺🙏🏽. Let my food adorn you 🥰.

8- “You deadass mad corny and swear you’re funny. You are a goofball; and you can be a big ass kid which I adore lol”

Aight, you know what? relaxxxxx! First of all, I AM mad funny. Not like stand up comedian funny, but like hang out with me and I’ll have you cracking up with my quick wit. You might be laughing at me and not with me, but you’re still laughing thooo! So like, yeah, I'm funny.

But yes, I’m sooo down to earth. Whenever people meet me irl that’s the first thing they mention. I’m easy going, personable, and the only goofball. I just want to have fun!

9- “You don’t workout”

Ok and? Jk jk.  This is such a popular question in my DMs. I used to workout like 3 years ago before grad school but as soon as I started being busy I never made time for it. For the most part, my body is the way it is because of genetics. However, I do plan on working out again soon because your girl is gaining weight! 

10- “You’re a home body.”

I feel guilty for saying this, but tbh I’ve been loving/enjoying this quarantine. I love being home; it’s my peace. If I’m going out, it’s for food. If it’s a social gathering, then I prefer intimate settings such as “game nights” or doing something fun (activities like bowling or karaoke etc). *whispers* Don’t bother inviting me to a party, 9/10 I won't go 😂.


Now that we know what my friends think of me, here are 10 random fun facts about me that popped in my head while writing this:

1-My fav snack is ice.

2-If I can only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it’ll be avocado salad.

3-I was voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ in both middle school and high school.

4-I’m a hopeless romantic.          

5-I love to travel (been to 5/7 continents; goal is to visit them all).          

6-My fav tv genres are sci-fi, adventure, and crime & drama.          

7-I went skydiving; even though I’m scared of heights (like REALLYYYY scared of heights).

8-I love pizza.          

9-Public speaking is my biggest fear. Again, my BIGGEST FEAR.          

10- HATE the noise a fork makes when scratching on a plate.OMG, it makes me want to rip my hair out.          

11(extra credit because I'm an over-achiever)- My pet-peeve is someone telling me what to do when I already planned on doing it. 


Alright I think that’s enough. Now, it’s YOUR turn. Let me know, in the comments below, one fun fact about you, or tell me which fun fact about me was the most surprising 👀.


& Remember, THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE. I want all of us to win!

Let's get to this bag, the world is ours.

En onsouma*

Aissata D.

@aissatatdiallo 🧡